I am training for my first marathon and run in the dark at 5:00 am. Despite flashing red lights on the back of my reflective vest, my old light in front just didn't put out enough light for me to see the road well and for safety from oncoming cars.Cars would wait till the last minute to get over.
With the MsForce light, the cars are slowing down way ahead of me and moving into the other lane not sure of what they are looking at. Perhaps they think it is a spaceship. In any event the light works great. I had some concern that it would be a bit heavy for running, but I don't even notice that it is there.
A great light.
John C.

There are a lot of "tactical" flash lights on the market. Until recently I thought it cost an arm and a leg until I found these. After testing, these things can illuminate a mile, it's pretty crazy. And it was perfect package as I gave the smaller one to my sister, and the larger one for myself. The SOS and strobe features work very well, and are easy to cycle through. Also very tight design and construction, has a heavy feel which I like. Highly recommend!
Kevin Casey

The 24oz DanForce bottle I bought is excellent quality and fits perfectly in my cars cup holder. The fact that it includes 3 types of lids makes it an excellent value. I prefer the straw lid when I drive so I’m not tipping a cup up and blocking my view of the road.