DanForce Bold-s LED Rechargeable Headlamp- 1080 Lumens



A whole new generation of headlamp is here. Designated to improve any casual or emergency in the dark, the new headlamp equipped with high lumens is capable of lightening up to 800 feet yet still can be tuned by 4 modes of light strength, using a versatile pneumatic head, allowing you to place it in the exact position you need at each activity.

The headlamp includes adjustable modes of focus to use in any circumstances while its lamp head is 90 degree adjustable.

While a tight rubber sealing protects the led rechargeable battery on the back of the headlamp, no weather can interrupt you. It is climate resistant from -4 to 170 degrees.


Warrenty: 7 Years

Size: 5.1x2.3x1.5in

Weight: 0.66lb

Batteries: Lithium-ion 18650 3.7v 2200mAh

Additional features: Focus, Rear Safety light, Red Light

Mercury UPC: 850004514016

What is included:

* Danforce Headlamp HL-690
* 2 Rechargeable batteries
* Charger
* USB Cable
* User Manual

Operating the headlamp - Click Here

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